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I write crime novels, non-fiction , journalism and book reviews.

My books were first published in the UK, but most have appeared in the USA, been translated into other languages and are available in large print or audio format. I have also written many newspaper features, interviews, book reviews and travel articles, broadcast on TV and radio and appeared at book fairs and festivals. At present I’m reviewing crime fiction for the monthly magazine, The Literary Review.

You can also read most of my books on your e-reader.

Tamara Hoyland is back!

Jessica in 1970

25 years since her last appearance (in Faith, Hope and Homicide) she reappears in my latest novel. Married to Dr Alastair Hope, she has three sons and a senior archaeological job, but behind the respectable facade of a wife, mother and busy professional there is still the quick-thinking adventurer who first appeared in Funeral Sites.

The heading: THE THRILLER by Andrew Lanyon is a painting of me on a beach in Cornwall, so absorbed in my book that I haven’t noticed that the rising tide has reached me.