Tamara Hoyland is the heroine in six of my novels, appearing first in Funeral Sites, and last in Faith Hope and Homicide, in which she met the man she wanted to marry. As a lifelong feminist I obviously believe that women can be wives and mothers and have successful careers, and I hope it isn’t sacrilege to say that some jobs don’t mix well with motherhood. I couldn’t see Tamara risking her life when there was a baby back home.  And I couldn’t see myself writing about Tamara’s children. In real life I have four children and eleven grandchildren and adore them all  – but I very much dislike reading  novels, especially crime novels, in which children play more than the most peripheral of roles.

But babies grow up. Tamara’s three sons are away from home now and she’s bored – so I thought it was time to revive her. If you would like to meet her again, read The Stroke of Death.  Enjoy.

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