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Deadlier Than The Male by Jessica Mann

“Written forcefully and with some dash, this witty book is required reading for anyone interested in the detective story’s progress.” Julian Symons, The Sunday Times“

'A brilliantly conducted inquiry, as good as the best of detective stories in itself. Beautifully written and most rewarding reading with new insights into Agatha Christie and other leading ladies of crime fiction.' Dr. A.L.Rowse

Why are respectable English women so good at murder?

The intriguing phenomenon of the female crime writer is explored by a successful crime novelist in a fascinating account of the Grandes Dames of the traditional detective novel, D.L. Sayers, Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh, with a chapter on Josephine Tey and consideration of many others.

These women, who were of strikingly similar backgrounds, all lead lives which were similarly peaceful, conventional, conformist and ‘respectable.’

So what was it in their experience which gave them such violent imaginations and made them excel in what might seem a most unlikely field? Mann brings the perception of a fellow crime writer to her investigation of their lives and work and provides an analysis which is as compelling and revealing, and as rewarding in its insights, as the unravelling of a detective mystery.