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The Eighth Deadly Sin by Jessica Mann

“Mann writes beautifully, picking her way through the sad and sinister with an air of dainty ruthlessness” Barbara Bourke, Irish Times

'So long as one isn’t found out...That’s the Eighth deadly sin, didn’t you know?’

A man meets a woman at a publisher’s cocktail party; he takes her out to dinner, the evening finishes in bed in his office and afterwards they return to their respective homes and partners. A situation that is commonplace enough, but they meet again and again, and the casual affair becomes more serious, at least for the man involved. Then one day the woman doesn’t turn up at the usual time...

'It should have been easy enough for Mike to get hold of Jane. Even once he had realised that she would need to be traced by investigation, because she could not be looked up in the telephone book, he would have thought that his most unique experience of missing persons would have made it simple for him to track Jane down’.

However, it turns out to be far from easy. He knows her name, that she’s married, lives in the country and is the author of a sexy novel called A Pleasure to Come. Yet somehow she has contrived to disappear from his life and apparently to cover her tracks completely.