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Faith Hope And Homicide by Jessica Mann

Gripping mystery set in a Tintagel-style fortress. Full marks, at least alpha-plus” Eastern Daily Express

Former undercover agent Tamara Hoyland thinks she’s left murder and mayhem behind when she retires from the British government’s secret department E to return full time to archaeological work.

Then botanist Louise Dench turns up dead, apparently by suicide, and Tamara can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to this pair of slashed wrists than meets the eye.

Hoyland wants to believe that her current flame, Louise’s colleague Alastair Hope, isn’t involved, but where men are concerned Tamara doesn’t consider herself the best judge of character; after all one of her former lovers was found guilty of murder.

Alastair certainly had reason to wish the deceased out of the way; he and Louise were battling over the publication of ground-breaking discoveries made by Hope and Louise’s husband geologist Robert Waugh, during the Brazilian expedition where Waugh mysteriously met his death.

Others also have an interest in the findings. There’s Tamara’s friend professor Thea Crawford who found the body and can’t seem to wipe the blood of her hands; and the Grail Foundation, which financed the expedition and is run by a pair of unscrupulous business men determined to ensure that there investment pays off.