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Funeral Sites by Jessica Mann

“Funeral Sites is engrossingly told and grips from start to finish. How often one looks in vain for distinction. Here one finds it.” Christopher Wordsworth, The Observer

How slavishly Aidan Britton had seen to every detail of his wife’s funeral – starting with her murder.

Fortunately for dear departed Phoebe, someone was on to him. Her sister Rosamund Sholto knows that Aidan, an ambitious politician, is regarded as Britain’s brightest hope.

Everywhere she turns, people praise his charisma, power, marriage alliance with the legendary Sholto family and his impeccable personal life. And now the whole country grieves with the tragic widower.

Only Rosamund realises how dangerous and ruthless Aidan is. She knows he would stop at nothing to prevent her exposing his past. From Switzerland to England, helped by the redoubtable Tamara Hoyland, Rosamund flees for her life in a chilling, thrilling chase-and-pursuit novel in the classic tradition of John Buchan’s The Thirty Nine Steps.