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Hanging Fire by Jessica Mann

Mann writes silkily, seductively and where it most matters, persuasively, to produce a most elegant read: engaging and absorbing.” Philip Oakes, The Literary Review

Tess Redpath has been with The Argus nearly all her working life. But within minutes of meeting the paper’s new proprietor, she is out of a job.

An assistant editor on the weekly’s colour supplement. Tess had just commissioned a piece on the marriage of a TV soap star to a European royal, and was also working on the anniversary coverage of a horrific cult massacre in the USA, and on the tragic suicide of a feminist icon. What could she have done to deserve the sack?

Life without deadlines feels empty and miserable, and gets even worse when Tess’s married lover, a high-ranking officer, undergoes positive vetting for a NATO job and decides it’s all over between them.

Trying to drag herself back from despairTess decides to work as a freelance on the stories she has already started. Some strange connections begin to appear, particularly down in Cornwall where Tess comes from.

Then her flat is ransacked and set on fire and she begins to realise she has stumbled on something big