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Mrs Knox's Profession by Jessica Mann

You should investigate Mann’s near Waughesque bite at today’s Britain - very intelligent and original.’ Maurice Richardson, The Observer

Sarah Foster has a steady husband, although a trifle dull, two lively children and a comfortable home in London. Gossiping with friends compensates for the dull routine of housework and there are always fantasies to keep her company.

When her husband insists on moving to the country thought, it seems the end. Her entire world will sink into a deeper rut of complacency. But to her surprise there are parties – wife-swapping parties – and she meets the attractive local MP, Victor Nightingale. And then there is lonely Mrs Knox, always so sympathetic and harmless, who earns a living looking after babies.

But when a baby is kidnapped, Sarah’s involvement with these people draws her into a nightmare web of intrigue, violence and terror. Too late she realises the virtues of family and home; for her, life can never be the same again.