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No Man's Island by Jessica Mann

‘A whole community imaginatively portrayed. The book is put together and written with neatness and elegance.’ The Times Literary Supplement

Recently discovered oil on the barren and isolated island of Forway has caused a plan for evacuation so that the entire island can be used for an oil rig.

The islanders, however, intend to declare their independence from England.

Into this volatile situation comes Tamara Hoyland, archaeologist and civil servant whose link to Forway is twofold: a dead lovers whose family is there and a task of espionage. Sudden ‘accidental’ deaths lead her to realise that the services of a detective might be more needed than the services of a spy.

Tamara Hoyland, the heroine of many of Jessica Mann’s novels, plays a leading role. She is placed amidst a strong cast of women to provide the contrast between heroines real, imagined or pretence. Another discussion of feminism in the novel is through a new movement called ‘Watchwomen’ which claims that feminism has been hi-jacked by socialists or lesbians.