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The Survivor's Revenge by Jessica Mann

A splendidly menacing puzzler. The ultimate fascination for the reader lies in Jessica Mann’s seemingly effortless ability to enrich a compelling narrative with vivid pictures of places, people and atmospheres.” James Melville, Ham & High

War correspondent Nina Gillespie, physically recovered from wounds sustained in Dubrovnik, tries to pick up the threads of the job and life she has always loved. But she is haunted by memories of the bloodshed, and steps sideways into a job as a local radio presenter. According to Nina’s new lover, Harry Anson, she’s wasting her time and talent, but she hasn’t lost the knack of recognizing a good story.

Following up a heartrending tale from the adoptive parents of a baby from Eastern Europe, Nina begins to uncover a cruel money making scam which seems to be connected somehow to Harry’s sister-in-law Claudia.

Claudia has long since been sidelined by her drunken, aristocratic husband but she desperately clings to her status as mistress of his historic house. Then Claudia is bounced into agreeing to drive a consignment of relief supplies to Bosnia, a dangerous journey which ends in terror and tragedy.

Nina is drawn back to Eastern Europe to collect material for her programme and unearth information about Claudia’s fate. There she encounters murder, terror, hatred and deceit.