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Telling Only Lies by Jessica Mann

A mystery and urgency which makes much of contemporary story telling seem nerveless in comparison. Notable for its adult perspective as well as its page-turning tempo.” Anita Brookner, The Spectator

Sir William Golding: 'I find the prose slips down like spring water, it's clear and cold and doesn't get between the reader and what's going on. Most of all, it put me back in a time and place which I understand....'

An accidental remark on a television programme lands novelist Anne Medlicott in a potentially very damaging libel suit.

The programme is about Nazi sympathisers in England during the last war. The other two guests are Professor Sir Hans Hahn, an exile from Germany, and the painter Perdita Whitchurch.

Anne has known both people since childhood but the truth about them and herself is something she will only discover in the process of researching a new book, a book that will be a radical departure from the safe world of crime fiction where Anne has remained successfully insulated for many years.

From Berlin of the 1936 Olympics to the present day, this is a narrative of many layers, where betrayal, subterfuge and deception must be stripped away before Anne Medlicott can come to terms with her own life and her family’s past.