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Under A Dark Sun by Jessica Mann

Literate and meticulously plotted, as can be expected from this stylish writer, with a story that grips from the very beginning.” Susanna Yager, Sunday Telegraph

When Victoria agreed to be the executor of her Aunt Elena’s will she thought it would be a simple task. The famous Sir Bertram Kittermaster had left his wife a fortune, which included a house worth millions in London’s Holland Park, and their two daughters were to take equal shares.

But then a stranger turns up on the doorstep and claims that it all belongs to her. Her efforts to establish the rightful owner of the Kittermaster fortune force Victoria to delve into the past. Information emerges about distant war-time atrocities, and about a murder investigation in the neighbourhood.

Vicky finds Elena’s diaries, discovers details of family history and remembers her own childhood holidays in Cornwall and the young man who inspired her passion for astronomy.

As she gradually uncovers the truth about a long hidden act of vengeance, Victoria is led to question the rights and wrongs of retribution, as well as her own relationship with the family whose influence has overshadowed her life.

A compelling novel of secrets and betrayal, it reaches a thrilling climax on August 11th, 1999, as the total eclipse of the sun darkens the Cornish sky