We’re always being told about the crisis in publishing. The end of the net book agreement, the growth in  electronic reading,the competition from other entertainment media – whatever the reason, or combination of reasons,authors are receiving smaller advances and  traditional book publishers live in fear of being sacked. A sad situation, but one with a logic behind it – isn’t it?

I’m not so sure. Because if all these pessimistic prognostications are accurate, how come that more crime novels than ever before in history are being published? During the last months I have received on average three book parcels a day. The fact that some are duplicates is cancelled out by the fact that I’m not sent every single  new crime novel, though I have never discovered  what makes publishers’ PR people decide who gets what.

The book-bombardment never ceases, but now that I live in a tiny flat, it has to be One In, One Out. Its illegal to sell proof copies, so they have to go in the recycling bin. If only I were better at guessing  which of them would one day be a valuable collectors’ piece, and which would  make enough   money for their author to live on. Very, very few; and yet  they come, three or  four a day, more and more and more…….But still, they say there’s a crisis in publishing.

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