A lot of water garden enthusiasts know the vital role that optimal water quality plays in a pond’s environment. New pond owners must not be as conscious at first, but there is a lot of time for you to know what your water garden requires to keep it healthy and clear. Listed below are a few pro tips that can help you maintain and obtain clean pond water with the help of professional?pond maintenance?services.? 

Get the right pump size 

See to it that you purchase a pump that circulates your pond’s entire water volume at least once per hour. Pay attention to the flow of the pump to make sure that it isn’t blocked off by flowing water or debris higher than usual. Remember that all pumps have flow restrictions. Assess the chart indicated in the back of the box of your pump so that you’ll know you are having the right one for your pond.? 

Take it easy on the fish food 

You always need to pay attention in terms of the amount of food can consume within 2-3 minutes. In the end, all the leftover food will sink to the bottom and decays within your pond, Hence, make sure not to feed your koi more than 1 time a day.? 

Properly filter your pond 

Look for a filter that matches the size of your pond. It’s vital to remember that majority of the manufacturers rate their filters according to perfect instances. Once you surpass such circumstances, you have to opt for a bigger filter. You always need to opt for a sized-up filter so that it can perfectly manage more compared to your pond’s capacity. Moreover, never forget to clean your filter according to the instructions instructed by the manufacturers.? 

Never purchase too many fish 

See to it that you don’t let your pond be overpopulated. The basic rule for that is to get no more than 10 in. of fish per 100 gals. of water. Once the number of fish waste is disproportionate, the water quality of your ponds can be imbalanced. Once you have too many fishes, think about getting them a new home with a contractor or a pond retailer.? 

Ensure that you’ve got sufficient plants 

You want approximately 40-60% of the surface area of the waters either shaded or covered by aquatic plants. Such plants serve as natural filters by making the excess nutrients flourish, which would result in algae development otherwise.? 

Clean your pond 

Uneaten fish food, fish waste, and decaying debris quickly build upon the floor of your pond. Hence, make sure that your pond is regularly cleaned to prevent a spike in ammonia levels in your water. Incorporating beneficial microbes, such as beneficial bacteria, can help your pond keep up a balanced ecosystem.? 

If you think that your pond needs some maintenance or should be cleaned from time to time, you may contact a pool maintenance service provider as soon as possible.?