It’s very hard to believe that I was once my family’s technology queen. Even my grandsons asked for my advice! Having been an early adopter I then worked my way through electronic typewriters, the first early computers and their descendants, merrily upgrading my gadgets while my husband went on writing on a typewriter bought in the 1950s. It’s a little galling to report that he was much more productive than I was. I can’t exactly remember when it all changed for me, but some years ago I realised that I’d become totally inept with my high tech equipment. When it goes wrong I can’t fix it. When it’s working all right I know I can’t trust it to go on doing so. At the moment it’s all a disaster. I can’t use the proper email programme, I can’t log in to Netflix or Amazon Prime and ten vital pages disappeared from a document. Which is why I don’t really believe that anyone will read this moaning paragraph. Which is, I suppose, just as well.

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  1. But Jessica, you are successfully blogging which is a lot more than a lot of people can do!

    21st March 2018

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